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  • Portrait of Sophia Greer

    Sophia Greer
    Head Teller

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    Elaine Johnson

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    Paula Meyer

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    Pat Morgan

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    Robin Ufford

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    Melissa George

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      Kristine Fleming 

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    JoLynn Willis

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    Sophia Martin

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    Samantha Nagle 

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    Nick Peterson


  • Portrait of Shannon Eickstadt

    Shannon Eickstadt

Board Members

Ryan Baer  
is the Senior Vice President, CCO, and Chairman of the Board of Security BankUSA. Ryan joined the bank in 2001 and has been a director since 2006.

Tiffany Baer Paine 
is President and CEO at Security BankUSA. Tiffany joined the bank in 1993 and became a director in December of 2004.

Lois Anderson is Executive Vice President of Security BankUSA. She joined the bank in 1982 and has been a director since 1999.

Stephen Patterson
is owner of Patterson's Clothing located in downtown Bemidji. Mr. Patterson joined the board in 1995.

James Naylor
is President Naylor Property Management in Bemidji. He has been a director of the board since 1998.

Bob Fitzgerald
is Director of Operations of Kraus-Anderson's Bemidji Regional Office. He became a director on the board in 2012.

Shelly Geerdes
is CEO/General Manager of Pinnacle Publishing, LLC. She became a director on the board in 2011.


Erik Hokuf
 is the General Manager and Co-Owner of AirCorps Aviation. He became a director on the board in 2017.

John W. Baer
is a Board Advisor. He started working at the bank in 1967. He retired as President in 2013. He has been on the board since 1968.

Board Members of Security Bank USA.
Front row, left to right: Tiffany Baer Paine, John Baer, Ryan Baer.
Back row: Bob Fitzgerald, Lois Anderson, Jim Naylor, Shelly Geerdes, Steve Patterson.

Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit

Security BankUSA Mobile Banking is a fast, secure way to access your accounts from your mobile phone. Deposit your check using your smartphone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Mobile phone with Security Bank USA's logo displaying on the screen