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Sustainability Commitment

We believe that reducing our bank’s impact on the environment is a responsible way of doing business that allows us to be better stewards to our community. We’ve identified Four Core Values that identify sustainable development goals that we will focus on to reach this commitment.

Four Core Values

  • Sustainable Financial Services
  • Collaboration
  • Daily Practices
  • Wellness

Our Projects and Daily Practices include:

  • We are conducting an energy audit which measures and tracks our buildings energy use, water use and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • All employees are given a recyclable water container which allows us to cut down on harmful products such as paper/plastic cups and water bottles.
  • Converted our interior lights to LED.
  • We have landscaping features at our locations that help with water conservation and conform to our native landscape.
  • Minimizing after hours lighting, heating and cooling
  • Donating older equipment for re-use
  • Using eco-friendly cleaning solutions in building maintenance
  • Recycling destroyed documents, packing material, beverage containers
  • Encouraging customers to use e-statements over paper and mail

How can you become involved?

  • Sign up for eStatements in lieu of paper statements for your bank accounts or any retail accounts
  • Reduce paper usage and improve efficiency with our eFree account.
  • Take advantage of our online and mobile banking including mobile deposit. You can access your Security BankUSA statements electronically, make transfers, view your balance, schedule payments and deposit checks from anywhere, anytime.
  • Utilize our bill pay or recurring payment options.

Our Mission

Security BankUSA is a locally owned community bank committed to environmental stewardship, protecting natural resources, and providing sustainable financial services. We understand that “Here For Good” means being environmentally responsible in our daily practices and ensuring that our community can be “Here For Good” into the future.

Our Vision

Become a resource for our community in collaborating, promoting, and leading in sustainability.

Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit

Security BankUSA Mobile Banking is a fast, secure way to access your accounts from your mobile phone. Deposit your check using your smartphone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Mobile phone with Security Bank USA's logo displaying on the screen