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Testimonials - Lockbox

"We have used the Lockbox services through Security Bank for over 5 years. Having this option available to us has provided significant efficiencies as our business has grown. Being able to do all of this electronically has been a substantial time savings for our staff and with technology they use to offer this service, it is easy and convenient to use. We are fortunate to have this service available from our local bank!"

Testimonials - Security Capture

Al Snider
RE Max of Bemidji

"In the year and a half of using the Merchant Capture Machine, our Secretary has never had to leave her desk unattended with no one to answer the phone. You can imagine how many hours she might have been away running to the bank in a year and a half. It's just a terrific asset to us."

Dane A Jones, CPA
Krigbaum & Jones, LTD.

"The security capture program allows us to save on staff time by making our deposits electronically and not have to physically go to the bank. The program is very user friendly and when we have needed assistance the bank staff has been there to help us. I would recommend this service."

Jody Watts & Teri Lindseth
ISD #31 Bemidji

"Using the Capture Machine eliminates daily trips to the bank. The deposits, which go in instantly, can be done when it's convenient. The image that is created when the check is scanned we save as a file. Then, if needed, it's quick and easy to look up and print a copy of a deposited check."

Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit

Security BankUSA Mobile Banking is a fast, secure way to access your accounts from your mobile phone. Deposit your check using your smartphone. Anytime. Anywhere.

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