Security Capture

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No time to leave the office to make a deposit?

Do you need flexible hours to make your deposit while saving time? Check out our Merchant Capture Program!

Why use our Security Capture system?

Scan checks at your own desk.

Merchant Capture gives businesses the ability to scan checks at their desk and securely transmit data and images for deposit into your SBUSA business checking account. This process eliminates the physical transportation of checks, accelerates funds availability, and provides error-free, balanced deposits.

Strengthen banking relationships.

Businesses can improve cash flow and working capital through faster clearings and enhanced availability.

Fast and travel free!

  • Make deposits on your time, as you receive payments.
  • No limit. Deposits at any hour.
  • No employee trips to bank.
  • No liability of deposits in transit.
  • No delay in collection.


  • Deposits are credited from 8:30am-5pm.
  • Deposits after 5pm are credited the next business day.
  • Deposits can be made into multiple accounts.

Safe Deposits

  • Reduce document loss.
  • Save all check images for your reference.
  • Reduce fraud risks.

What our clients say:

Al Snider

Al Snider
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"In the year and a half of using the Merchant Capture Machine, our Secretary has never had to leave her desk unattended with no one to answer the phone. You can imagine how many hours she might have been away running to the bank in a year and a half. It's just a terrific asset to us."

Dane Jones

Dane A Jones, CPA
Krigbaum & Jones, LTD.

"The security capture program allows us to save on staff time by making our deposits electronically and not have to physically go to the bank. The program is very user friendly and when we have needed assistance the bank staff has been there to help us. I would recommend this service."

Jody Watts and Teri Lindseth

Jody Watts & Teri Lindseth
ISD #31 Bemidji

"Using the Capture Machine eliminates daily trips to the bank. The deposits, which go in instantly, can be done when it's convenient. The image that is created when the check is scanned we save as a file. Then, if needed, it's quick and easy to look up and print a copy of a deposited check."

Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit

Security BankUSA Mobile Banking is a fast, secure way to access your accounts from your mobile phone. Deposit your check using your smartphone. Anytime. Anywhere.

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