Lances by Johann Richard Sebasttian

Lances by Johann Richard Sebasttian by Johann Richard Sebasttian

Lances - Johann Richard Sebasttian

"For 20 years, Richard Sebasttian's goal as an artist has been to protray and interpret earth oriented cultures, specifically the native peoples of North America. Sebasttian is spiritually involved, adopted by, and given the Santee Dakotah Indian name of Sanyan Tawa Wicasta by the Prairie Island Indian Reservation. His works are a serious and careful effort to respectfully pay tribute to native peoples. In a contemporary style, he creates opjects that speak to the spiritual aspects of a ritual in the everyday lives of Native Americans. During council meetings members can speak only when they have possession of the "story stick." Sebasttian's "lances" resemble these sticks, and are most often made out of striped and dried cottonwood lengths with Czech glass trade beads set in limestone bases. Native Americans use the lance in many ways - as a warrior and in council mettings. As a contemporary artist, Sebasttian's work expands on the idea of the "lance" through size, media, and color.

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