Untitled by Charles Arnoldi

Untitled by Charles Arnoldi by Charles Arnoldi

Untitled - Charles Arnoldi

Arnoldi's methods reveal his deep relationship to both the material he uses and his intent to convey how those materials lie at the heart of his work. As a painter, sculptor and printmaker, Arnoldi consistently uses wood, either found or cut to create his ultimate form. Arnoldi finds in the monotype process the opportuninty to use wood surfaces to shape and mold the often hand made paper to a surface that immediately and convincingly relates the final image to its source. There is a unique blend of imposed texture that underlines the many layers of color, implying elements of nature from which he sees it, all else springs. Atop that surface, with its many ruts and channels, the composition of color and painted shapes is given added life and the two surfaces then together form an image that is both subtle and intense.

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